Fine Home Real Estate at Fine Home Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Abu Dhabi
  • Specialties: Residential , Commercial

Property Types

  • 75% Apartment
  • 13% Villa
  • 13% Office

Property Status

  • 50% Buy
  • 50% Rent

Property Cities

  • 100% Abu Dhabi

About Finehomerealestate

Fine Home Real Estate Is a leading Company In The Management, Development And Marketing Of Various Real Estate Types, Whereas The Group Started Modestly In The Fine Home Gen Maint And Décor Company In 2002 With a Team Of Experts, And Accordance To The Great Development In The UAE Market We Opened Fine Home For Real Estate Management In 2004, After That, We Founded The Fine Home Group Which Includes Group Of Companies, Which Is Now The Nucleus Of The Group And its Main Engine, Then We Founded Great Fine Home In Dubai, Based On Our Necessary Conviction To Expand Our Diverse Areas Of Customer Service We Founded Fine Home To Organize Exhibitions And Conferences In 2010

Language: English, Arabic, German, Russian, Hindi

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